salsa, poesia, viajar.

This goes without saying, but I am partial to going out with the locals. Last night, Meghan and I met up with two Argentines and a Columbian friend for some salsa dancing. A 13 piece live band with trumpets, trombone, bongos, conga, piano, cello, guitarra, oh sweet lord have mercy, I was in heaven. For the first time in my life, the countless times I watched Selena as a kid paid off, as I put my hips on spin cycle  {J.Lo’s  ‘washing machine’}. Dale? If that reference went over your head, get on netflix right now and change your destiny.

It was an absolutely incredible night – full of musical energy, passion, and fun. As for the rest of the weekend, my program is taking us to the Iguazu falls up north, and I couldn’t be more genuinely excited for the 14 hour bus ride, asados, 90 degree weather, panoramic views, bathing suits, swimming pool, and experience! Traveling Besos.

Also, I’ve been digging deep into my poetry roots a lot lately. Here are two poems I wrote during my stay here. Que se disfruten!


Crece salvajemente
Esparcete por todas partes
Escala hacia mi ventana

Enreda tus ramas en mi cabello
Trenzaré quienes somos en uno

Tu curso con mi suavidez

La fortaleza de tu alcance me conquistará
Y mi cuerpo se convertirá en tus miembros extendidos

Serás forzado a tomar uno nuevo

Pero yo soy vos
Vos sos yo

[I. english]

Grow so wildly
spread yourself
climb into my window
tangle your branches into my hair
I’ll braid us together
your course with my soft.
the strength of your reach will conquer me
and my body will become your stretching limbs.
you will be forced to take a new
But I am you.
I am you.

Usame otra vez
me has dejado complete

Sopla mis pensamientos

Alrededor de tus dedos fríos


Hacia tu fantasia primaria

Te dare significado


[II. English]

Reuse me
you’ve left me whole
wind my thoughts
around your cold fingers
Spin me
towards your earliest fantasy
I will give you meaning.
Reinterpret me.

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