my little jungle book


I have enough thoughts, pretty little similes, and organically construed phrases to personify my experience in the province of Misiones to last you a lifetime. Instead, allow these pictures to speak the thousand words they deserve.

Friday: At an estancia, we drank mate, ate asado, swam in the pool, played soccer, lounged in hammocks, watched the guachos both artificially inseminate their cows and also medicate them to protect against parasites, and enjoyed the sound of nothingness all around.


Saturday: The Iguazu falls certainly put the rain in rainforest, and the water  in waterfalls. We were so fortunate as to experience the commanding, powerful, and royal falls in the presence of a torrential downpour/thunderstorm. Only in South America will they send hundreds of wide-eyed tourists over 5 km of metal bridges above giant bodies of water in the middle of a lightening fit. Luckily, our ponchos kept us safe, moderately dry, and incredibly fashion forward. Brace yourselves, not even the 6 mega pixels (two less than the iPhone…) on my now-crap-camera can deter you from the most gorgeous, living, breathing nature out there. ah, take me back!

La Garganta del Diablo  – Devil’s Throat.

ditched the poncho for some quality time with the falls. soaked to the core and never happier.

Sunday: After a buffet breakfast, we found a hidden gem no further than 100 meters from our hotel (… uh… did she just say meters? how many feet is that?) that offers injured wildlife rehabilitation and a second chance out in the open air. I have never seen such a vibrant green, nor smelled such rejuvenating air. Every square inch of land is crawling with life, growth, and color. In case you were wondering, there really are vines that hang from trees, lizards the size of small houses, and monkeys that will melt your heart and terrify you all at once. As for my favorite — all I can say is that I about died when the Toucan posed for me. Jungle-lovin’ Besos.


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