Ese concierto

On the first of November, I looked at my calendar, checked my watch, slapped myself around a bit, and realized I only have six weeks left in Buenos Aires. It was then when I made this year’s resolution a few months early and vowed to take advantage of every last minute in and out of this here perfect city. Live Bossa Nova music in the theater district for free on a Tuesday night? I think yes, B.A., thank you very much!


First act: Cassio Carvalho (see above gracias a Carmen Alma). Imagine molding John Mayer into Jose González, shifting their native tongue to Portuguese and then granting them the gift of perfect live performance intonation. That would be Cassio. Poetic, sensational, and a fearsome thing to behold with his guitar, this 5’6” musical magician stole my heart. So, I did something I haven’t done in years. I bought a CD. Lord have mercy, who have I become?

Second act: Patuá. They were intimate, feisty, colorful, and incredibly passionate as they charmed the audience with soft and sensual ballads only to pep us all up into a chair-jiving frenzy. They had me shifting and swaying to the brazilian beat all night, and although the man sitting behind me in the balcony may have been a bit bothered by my constant motion, I was in an incredible happy place.

Third act: Orquesta a Saidera. Ah, when their wall of brassy sound hit me, I was just a slop of goofy smile. Flute, clarinet, trumpets, trombones, triangle player (who had the moves like Jagger), drums, gust vocalist… you name it, these guys had it. It was smooth, it was stimulating, it was sumamente impresionante. Three cheers for the best performance I could have ever stumbled upon!

Consider my conclusion drawn: live music makes nicole a happy girl. Besides being distracted by my number one pet peeve – the unfortunate urge that overcomes audience members to clap-to-the-“beat” (a trend of catastrophic proportions that clearly transcends continental boundaries), I was smiling, grooving, almost drooling, and just one hundred percent mentally invested in the Bossa Nova surround sound en el Teatro Presidente Alvear. Brazilian Besos.


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