post food poisoning

Sometime on November 2, 2011, Buenos Aires generously gave me an unpleasant gift that kept on giving. That’s right: The Food Poisoning. Clueless to its origins, I did what I had to do, bit the bullet and fought the stomach cramps, newfound intimacy with the bathroom, fever, and aches with as much dignity as I could possibly muster. As you can imagine, I looked like a hot mess for 48 hours and am still having trouble digesting anything that’s not starchy/bland. But, after being confined to my own weakness and discomfort for a few days, I did not let this beautiful saturday in the city get the best of me.

These are photos from the botanical garden and the rose garden in Buenos Aires that Meghan and I visited (healthy as can be) Tuesday of this week.

And as for today, my first day back in the sunny springtime air, a few friends and I joined the health conscious obsessed locals and roller bladed through the bosque of palermo for an hour. Besides looking like a complete doofus with my weak arches and wobbly knees, I managed to have the biggest blast scootin’ and bootin’ through the gorgeous park. Laughing, glistening from the sun’s sudden strength, and recovering from every ‘oops-almost-fell’ moment with a quick jog-like skate, we were living the dream out there. I foresee many a trips back to that round angry woman who reluctantly rented us skates! Ah, customer service in Argentina.

What’s this? A man tight roping? Casual.

After a bite to eat, we cruised over to Recoleta to browse through the fair and to pop in on some of the free Jazz shows organized through the city for the international jazz festival this week. More live music – you know how that pleases me!

Scattin’ Be dop a doo day-o Besos!

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