Turning the same sets of clothes into different outfits is proving itself to be more and more difficult as the weeks pass by here in Argentina, though I must proudly admit that I have rarely been a repeat offender. Today especially, I have been itching to start fresh in the wardrobe department with overwhelming desires to purge, cleanse, and add new pieces (namely those seen below) to my ‘wow, I’ve had these shoes since Britney was wholesome’ wardrobe. Current color cravings – shades of browns, creams, mulberry, and grey.  The day I come across 5000 pesos on the sidewalk, I know just where I’ll be headed — and then after I finish my dulce de leche ice cream, I’m going to buy nothing but button downs, cozy men’s sweaters, blazers, military coats, doc martens, crop pants, wool, plaid, and all together – my androgynous womanhood.

images courtesy of: That Kind of Woman, Storm in a Teacup, David Black Photography, Bits Bobs and Beats 

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