what you see when you don’t see

After a day full of yoga, eating a mango filled caribbean salad (what? fruits? vegetables? and flavor? in Argnetina?!), a successful shopping trip and an even more successful bus ride home…last night, I was blind for an hour and a half. A few brave friends and I headed out to el teatro ciego last night to learn the strength of our other senses. While sitting oh so vulnerably in the darkest dark possible, the sound of the three piece band and their forty instruments overwhelmed us. The scent of burning cedar, of rain, of citrus, of rubber, of life had my imagination running wild. I have never been so whole heartedly present minded. I have never been so aware of people breathing, itching, stirring, or shifting.

 This is what I saw:

but this is what I felt:

no deberías creer que ves cuando no ves.

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