Verb. common usage: To uncity yourself.  Pronounced “uhn-sit-y”, it describes the the act of hearing the sound of chickens clucking with every step, sheep talking in their baby-like dialect, seeing more than seven stars in the entire night’s sky, tasting fresh air, and feeling wholly at peace. A made up word, yes – but an entirely valid feeling.

Last weekend, I was uncitied. Traveling to the province of Corrientes, a few friends and I visited the tiny town that calls the Estuary of Ibera it’s home. Besides meeting some of the friendliest people, spending hours in a hammock reading, seeing crocodiles, capybaras, howler monkeys, fireflies and at least 84 other wild and edgy species, I was just perfectly and contently present minded without even an ounce of stress for the entire trip. Carefree country living. Now that’s something you don’t see in the city.

Our hostel/hotel. Our crib, if you will.

boat ride excursion


horse back ride through the palm tree forest and wetlands

the dense selva. home of the howler monkeys.

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