I am now and always overwhelmed with love and gratitude towards my disturbingly hilarious family. I love you all so much that I think my little corazon is going to just burst out my chest. I wish I could spend Thanksgiving with you but instead – you raised me to take chances and be adventurous, and I am so thankful for you and for that. So, while I’m spontaneously reading and soaking in the uruguay rays on the beach all week, I’ll be thinking of you. Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll. turkey flavored besos.

you know your family is perfect when:

…they wear party visors. to party. and probably on a regular basis in the privacy of their own home, like on a casual Thursday afternoon, perhaps.

… they have their own photo shoots in arboretums.

… they play hard to get

… they adopt the best son ever

… they risk it all for a ‘lil air

… moments like these are captured

… your mom’s hip enough to borrow your scarves and rock them

…. when it all starts from this kind of love.

I may or may not have made myself tear up a bit here. Classic Nicole move.

Lately, I’ve been feeling so tremendously lucky to see the things I’ve seen and to continue to have the world at my fingertips. Truthfully, I have no words to describe my current state of happiness, love, appreciation, and hopefulness. It all stems from the love and support of my family – my crazy, silly, passionate, giving family. So… George, Dina, Stephanie, and miscellaneous relatives ranging from Dublin to San Jose to Oakland to Modesto to Arizona to Chicago to Utah to Greece to Boston to everywhere in between – I love you. May you all tell the people you love how much they mean to you through whichever channel you see fit. Until next week, my friends.

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