bathing suit for underwear.

Does anyone mind if I play the “I’m speechless” card again? It’s just that after all of these ‘weekend’ getaways, it seems to be perpetually dealt into my hand – leaving me (the rambling, run-on-sentence queen) at a loss for words. One thing I can say, however, is that I don’t know whether I should keep my roommate Meghan in a perpetual embrace for being such a fantastic party planner and arranging all of the major and minor details for the trip while I did nothing but wear a bikini for a uniform for 6 days, or if I should sock her in the solar plex for taking me to paradise for four days, and then ripping it away from me only to  spend a lifetime dreaming about when I will return.

First stop: Montevideo. My only complaint about this small-scale city isn’t directed towards the traditional buildings, the street art fairs, or anything of that nature, but rather towards the three flamboyent men who shared our hostel dorm room with us. If you three pot-bellied argentines are out there, it is time you found out that your snoring symphony not only deprived me from even a second of sleep, but also lead me to resent middle-aged-back sleepers for all of their unaware raucous. May your future partners be very fond of earplugs… or may you all acquire sound-proof sleeping boxes.

beer, beef, and red peppers. don’t mind if we do!

Punta del Diablo: Soft sand, no concept of time, hammocks, beach front yoga, and copious copas de vino.

I don’t even remember if I fully checked-in to the hostel, or unpacked my bag before I was hoisted into this previously shark-attacked wetsuit by overly excited Mark and Casey. Call me crazy, but hanging ten on turkey day beats the average 30 minute meal and 4 day food coma that the typical american endures on that particular Thursday afternoon.

After dinner, I was coerced into singing for the hostel’s open mic night. And then I was encored. Note to self: start learning more than just one verse and one chorus to every song!

As a California girl, born and bred, (do people still say that?) I was all kinds of turned around when the sun rose over the water. Ah, the joys of being on the Atlantic at 5 AM.

normal beach activities.

And now, our new Israeli friends create a makeshift BBQ out of cardboard and rocks and cook up some delicious steaks and vegetables for the gang.

The most heavenly, isolated, gorgeous beach I’ve ever laid my half green eyes on: La Playa Grande.

my constant companions this trip: journal, libro de Gabriel Garcia Marquez, BR flip flops.

… And so it was – the most relaxing, effortless, bronzed moments of my life thus far. With a daily schedule of:

breakfast, beach, siesta, read in a hammock, BBQ with new friends, learn exciting things about fellow travelers hailing from Germany to South Africa, party with said people, rinse, lather, repeat…. I have to say that this little trip to Uruguay was sensational on every level. Big ups to my fellow lady-friends para jugar entre las olas desnudas y libres. Tanned and Tranquil besos.

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