the everlasting yawn.

I am going to be so bold as to say that I have single handedly ruined any shot I had at regaining a normal REM cycle. Although sleeping from 7am – 11am multiple days in a row may be just a regular walk in the park for the argentines, this little portena wanna-be is having a hard time contributing to the personal, social, and intellectual transactions that should occur in real life. As the days go by I can feel my contribution to society diminishing. need. more. coffee.

So, since I only have fourteen (jigga what?!) days left in Buenos Aires, I am rallying like I’ve never rallied before and avprovechando todos los dias igual como las noches. Therefore, instead of sleeping away my days, I’ve been just… not sleeping, and taking myself to yoga, or cafes, or to the Presidente Alvear Theater, for example, to see the Buenos Aires Tango Orquestra perform an hour long concert yesterday for a free matinee. Even though I was heavily distracted by the enormous man sitting to my left who was murmuring under his breath while tapping his giant, likely hairy hand against my seat to the rhythm of the violin, the show was beyond captivating. Truly a wonderful performance.

Here is a moderately blurry, too-far-to-matter photo of the orquestra.

And here are a bunch of little goodies that have rubbed me the right way today:

These crafty little typographic art forms by Luke Beard as part of  his playful project A Lyric a Day.

Realizing that we’re already on day two of Advent Calendar Month. Right about now, I’m wishing I had daily doses of pop-out-chocolates and these fantastically fun-loving cards by the talented Mr. Boddington to tie to all my gifts this year!

These perfect loose locks:

And lastly, my latest girl crush, Mina Tindle. This song, this girl, and this video scream perfection.

Sleepy head, but happy besos.

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