this + this

I have a strong penchant for combos. And by ‘combos’ I don’t mean ‘combo deal’ because that makes it sound like I’m a want-to-add-on-a-coke-with-that? kind of gal. I am, quite frankly, not that kind of gal. Instead, by combos I’m referring to the genius behind Coldstone’s business plan when it created (during my fateful chubby elementary school years, no less) a delectable system that allowed, no, expected me to combine oreos to my raspberry ice cream. That kind of combo.

If your sweet tooth is throbbing I sincerely apologize, but I’ve got some sugary news that is going to make that molar rot in its socket: Karen Walker just struck a deal with Anthropologie that puts her lower-priced Hi There collection exclusively at 164 stores this March. Karen + Anthro? Talk about a winning combo.

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