Bees Knees and Pet Peeves: First Edition

The first two minutes of my Government and Social Influences on Business lecture this morning not only caused my attention span to collapse for the rest of the 2 hour class, but also diminished my faith in mankind. My professor, who parades around the class with his extremely dry elbows and exposed chest hair, refers to himself as Lee, and frequently cold calls his students in hopes that catching them off-guard will make way for quality and insightful discussions.  He and I are always disappointed. But today, especially, when Sandy-Sun-Dress (it rained all day, for the record) was the unlucky victim, I nearly self combusted.

“you have ta do ______ in order ta do __________, and when they say this, you have ta ____________.”

Pet Peeve No. 1: Ta does not equal To.

On a lighter note, this band is officially the business. Watching this one photograph assume the role of a music video while their sweet voices wash over you will be the best 3 minutes and 1 second of your day. And if it’s not, you are not the Bees Knees.

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