my parents were awesome

Before New Balance sneakers became my father’s footwear of choice, it was a pair of pleather platforms that he would lace up every morning. Before my mother applied antioxidant dense creams and flaxseed fortified moisturizer to her skin religiously, she would lather her body in baby oil and turn a darker shade of brown with every passing second.

Before the house in the burbs with its manicured lawn and pristine pool, before the eight-seater car, the carpooling, the curfew setting, and tuition paying … my parents were a pair of foxes. Here’s a little peak into the lives of George and Dina in 1979, and 1985. All smiles and all stache.

This hilarious feel-good tumblr just fell into my lap yesterday, and inspired me to share with you those three reasons why my parents were awesome. So go ahead and enjoy these vintage photos of complete strangers taken between the years of 1937 and 19seventysomething. I had to fight with every morsel of my being not to post every single one. self. control. at. its. finest.


  1. Sooo…could you actually post every single one? This are so amazing.

  2. “THIS ARE AMAZING.” Great job, self. These are* or this is*.


  3. George and that stache were made for each other. Why on earth did ever let that go??

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