meme movie posters

This morning, I looked my roommate square in the eye from across our wooden monster of a kitchen table and asked her what Youtube is to her. I won’t say I was entirely surprised when Amy with her doe eyes held a stone cold face and said, “Youtube is a cacophony of videos galore.” She then walked away with the most concentrated satisfaction to pull her coffee mug out of the microwave and took the most heartfelt sip of costa rican flavor.

This is a typical interaction.

These meme movie posters by UK-based designer Stefan Van Zoggel, however, are anything but ordinary. Taking the context of the usually short lived internet memes and virals, Stefan translates the stories and content into full length movie posters for everyone’s favorite movie company, YouTube. If you’ve never seen these videos, take a few minutes to watch the clips and fall just a little bit more in love/awe with that little channel we call YouTube.

Paul the octopus picks Spain over the Netherlands to win the World Cup – watch here

Fenton, the accidental deer herder – watch here

words of wisdom by Antoine Dodson – watch here

This dog makes more money than I ever will – watch here

“this is not a work out. this is a revolution” – watch here

A catchy tune and an alarmingly developed voice – watch here

No words, just watch here

This subtitled Indian music video puts Ron Paul’s voice over sound-bite video to shame – watch here

This last one is just for fun – do not, under any circumstance, watch this video.


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