It was the Best of Times

This is me being my own valentine with a little help from longtime friend Nat King Cole and new but heavily admired acquaintance, Hayley Louisa Brown.

(…is for the way you Look at me {like I’m a mad woman when I brush my teeth with hot water})

(…is for the Only one I see {still wearing mismatched socks from the eight grade})

(…is Very, Very, Extraordinar{ily hopeful that my blank ESPN-induced stare is endearing})

(… is Even more than anyone that you adore. That one has always stumped me, Nat. I don’t even know how to begin personalizing that confusing monster of a phrase.) Yea love was made for you and me! 

To all you sour, scornful singles out there, I challenge you to see the light at the end of the heart shaped tunnel. Be your own boyfriend tonight and spoil yourself with creative forms of love, aint no shame in being the subject of your own Haiku. Happy Valentine’s Day to all you established, undercover, and soon-to-be lovers.

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