the evolution of Käthe Kollwitz

At the Getty museum this past weekend, I had the fortune of viewing pieces from some of my all time favorite artists. For those of you who know me well, you’re right in guessing that I spent 80% of the day staring at Degas paintings with 100% of my body covered in goosebumps. The other 20% of that fine Los Angeles Saturday was spent bopping along from architecture to garden tours, and discovering new (to me) artists.

Only one of Käthe Kollwitz’ self portraits was displayed in the museum, but it was so heart wrenching and provoking that my thoughts have been both haunted and inspired by it every day since. Notice the life lines in her face, the stories that live in her skin. Notice the changes in expression, color, technique, and demeanor. Each self portrait proves that she is so many versions of herself. We are ever evolving.


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