the little things

It’s on days that don’t normally exist that I sit back and reflect upon days that normally do. You and I, we tend to spend our 365 days a year on auto pilot. We wake up when a robot clock tells us to, we pour coffee into a mug three sizes too big out of instinct and habit, and we live our days as puppets — puppets on the go, with responsibilities and deadlines to meet.

When was the last time you slowed down and thoughtfully prepared a meal? When was the last time you just couldn’t put the book down, or you put something in the mail that wasn’t addressed to PG&E in an envelope covered in food splatter or “what, still not dry!?” nail polish?

When was the last time you focused on the little things?

When I saw these original envelopes that enclosed letters of collaboration between creative kings, Edward Gorey and Peter Neumeyer between 1968 and 1969, it felt like the universe doled out the remedy for an illness I had silently and blindly contracted.

This is me being thankful for the little things on this fine Leap Year.


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