party like it’s 1899

Two weeks ago, my cousins came down to San Luis Obispo for a surprise visit. Naturally, we did what central coast residents do best, and toured wine country. By our second vineyard, we thought it to be standard behavior to pose for a photo the way our late ancestors, bless their souls, did back in the days of petticoats and Tuberculosis. Here  is our final take:

And here is a series of portraits of people who aren’t faking it. Real life turn of the century folk, staring blankly at machinery that took fifteen minutes to snap a photo. If you haven’t yet discovered Retronaut, do it now. It is a treasure chest of photographic jewelry.

^^ so very, very displeased.

Before Brandon and Bryanna and I made our Victorian debut, we had some fun along the way. The cousinly love is mildly out of control. My apologies.


  1. love your version of century old photo, it looks very convincing… 🙂
    I read somewhere that back in those days sometimes the heads of people even had to be fixed to something to keep it still for that super-long take.

    • We were lucky to get one shot without us busting up in a fit of laughter! And all I can say is, AMEN for technology.

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