the sitch.

Here’s the situation: I’m not getting any younger. I’m getting closer and closer to the point in time where people stop asking me “what I want to do when I grow up”, and start talking to me in code, combining letters with numbers like I9 and W4 and expecting me to know the next step, as if they asked, “how’re you?” and all I had to do was say, “fine thanks, and you?”

Daunting as adulthood may be, I find comfort in knowing that growing up doesn’t happen with the flick of a switch; I won’t go to bed one night with an imagination and footsie pajamas and wake up the next morning bland as a rice cake looking forward to nothing but an Applebee’s happy hour.  Growing up won’t suck the color out of me.  Hannah and Landon, here, they’re looking mighty adultish and colorful all at once. To Hannah and Landon!

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