Bees Knees & Pet Peeves, 2nd Edition

Let’s keep this series alive, shall we?

Pet Peeve No 2: Couples being far too couply at concerts. Last night, my fellow Bon Iver fanatic friends and I mysteriously found ourselves in the heart of a couple circle. Like the Bermuda Triangle of a general admission setting, we had no idea how we got there, and had not even a shred of hope or opportunity to get out. To our left, an embracing pair, alternating between syncopated sways and overly suggestive kisses. To our right, just your average 6’4”, holding up his tiny tot of a girlfriend so that she may see over the crowd that actually hit puberty. They were units. And they were everywhere.

If I sound bitter because I’m single, I assure you there may be a 28% correlation there.

When the combination of PDA and musical euphoria got the best of me, I closed my eyes and I was alone. Alone with the encompassing sound, so magically intrinsic that at times I was convinced it beat my heart for me.  I’ve often wished I could capture a feeling, a sensation, a goosebump, the way a camera captures a sparkle in time. Until that moment comes, and I could more adequately share the out of body experience that was Bon Iver, we’ll all just have to make do with a string of 1 minute videos.

If ever a Bee had Knees, Bon Iver would be every single one of those hinge joints.


  1. Ah, the omnipresent PDA grossness. Although you only attribute 28% to the singularity of your relationship status, I assure you that even those who are in relationships often find that to be grossly obnoxious. Someone needs to remind them that they do not look like the movies, they are not properly lit and at just the right angle. They are gross, weird and not fit for an audience.
    Also, have you heard Birdie’s cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”? It’s a pretty cover.
    Well written and entertaining. Sounds like, aside from the distraction of the overly affectionate duos surrounding you, the show was magnificent. Cheers!

  2. Thank you for reassuring my stance on the concert cuties, Rob! The show was indeed magnificent. I have heard Birdie’s cover + a handful of remixes… big fan. BIG. fan.

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