Note to Self.

My friend Eric never wears shoes, and his lightning-speed metabolism allows him to eat a deep fried burrito the size of a Honda Odessey as an appetizer — a stomach stretcher for the real meal. He’s good for a lot of things, really; recent honorable mentions include explaining the five military branches to me, and sharing this Villa Vals.

A man of few words, Eric never broke character or eye contact when I asked him what I had to do to achieve this sort of life.

Get rich. Hire an architect.

I am now accepting YouTube video applications for the current vacancies in my life: Sugar Daddy, and Architect. Don’t hold back, ya’ll.

1 Comment

  1. Ok, so wait. You’re accepting sugar daddy applications so you can live like a swanky hobbit? You and I could be better friends than I thought! 🙂 Let me know when that dream man comes through and I’ll organize a feast that ends with an epic journey.

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