Middle of June

I’m fairly certain that my most intimate relationship over the last six months has been with CA 101.Three hours north, three hours back — I know exactly where each speed trap, pothole, windy ravine, and crack in the pavement lie. Driving at all hours of the day and night, I’ve seen it at its best, at its most vulnerable, at its quietest and most painfully obnoxious. My thoughts litter its shoulders.  It takes my every idea, fear, joy, uncertainty and traps it between exits, between towns, between the two places I call home.

Download the music I’ve been listening to in the car Here, and welcome to the Middle of June.

[image via Edenclareartfulfairytales]


  1. You are a master playlist maker. Master.
    How are you sharing these songs? Y’know, without worry of copyright and all that. Or are you not worried? 😉
    Regardless, great stuff. Been listening to it at work this afternoon. Thanks for that!

  2. you are the ultimate kind soul for staying tuned. Ultimate.
    I share them with the hope and expectation that everyone listening will go out and support these artists. Whether it’s through song, album, or propaganda form. My playlists are for sampling purposes only…like Costco on a saturday, but without the stomach ache or membership fee.

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