Who’s laughing now

San Luis Obispo has a funny way of participating in the summer season. Luckily, we share a humor founded in an aversion to hot weather.

There is no greater sensation than waking up to overcast skies, leaping from carpet to kitchen rug only to avoid the hot lava that is the cool linoleum. But when the fog finally fades, the sky expresses its happiness in the bluest of hues, and suddenly I am left wearing just one of the original six layers I put on in a cold morning flurry. It is sheer brilliance, the way this town keeps us all guessing.

May I just say, in preparation for the 4th of July –God bless (the central coasts of) America.


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  1. My Midwestern mom is always curious about our weather here on the Central Coast. I am emailing her this blog post, which describes our weather spot-on. Happy 4th of July! 🙂

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