My Better Half

Well, um, there’s no way around it – these shots and blurbs, accompanied by their respective love stories had my heart a pitter-pattering. Amanda Jane Jones, you may be chipping away at my disbelieving shell here — if you can make a believer out of me, fair chance that you can resolve world hunger, abolish illiteracy, and juggle fire while hula hooping. Put those talents to work, girl, and keep making these warm and fuzzies. Maybe I’ll just have to fall in love about it.

^^ Not even a morsel of my being believes that petite polka dot wearing yoo-hoo shovels anything but  a 1/2 cup of Kashi light and lean into her mouth for breakfast.

[thanks miss moss for pushing these into my line of vision]


  1. and thanks to YOU for pushing these into MY line of vision!! 🙂 These are great, really getting my creative juices flowing!
    Andrea x

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