Spin, September

There are so many directions I’d like to take this post, but none of them are linear. None of them lead to a common destination, none of them have an endpoint, even. I sit here, in an 87% furnished apartment, and wonder where my focus is, and chase every sentence with a three second hold on the delete key.

In truth, I’m not sure what it is that I have to say tonight – do I paint the imagery of my post work swim? Do I string adjectives together and describe the swirling and melding of the thyme and white vinegar that electrified my dinner for one? Or do I string together recent inspirations, maybe even mention that I am astonished by Michelle Obama’s consistently sculpted arms? The girl just doesn’t fluctuate.

But I do. And tonight, I’m openly and ardently okay with that.

This music mix is a compilation of songs I have been listening to non-stop over the past two weeks. In hindsight, it mirrors my scattered, interrupted thoughts and shows its disunity with leaps from bluegrass to classical cello. That’s the way of my world right now.

Download the playlist here and enjoy it with an open and loving mind. Feel it from my point of view, and feel it from your own.


[art via Claire Oswalt]

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