Light Cloud

Tears on an old green sweater. Salt on an open wound. Vegetable chili in a pot.

When it rains, it pours. When it rains, beautiful people hint at the notion of a sun. Olivia, that stunning, inquisitive, powerhouse of a sensitive designer/loveofmyliferoommate brought me so much worth tonight. Not only did she give my moments license to blossom, she coauthored them with her wisdom. A night that started flush with the carpet, shallowly breathing the trappings of Radiohead on high, ended with an extensive and curious conversation around the themes of time, control, play, cultural movements, progress, resistance, ostracism, and the parallelisms between humans and buildings. If you don’t yet have an architect friend, whither wander you, set forth and find one!

via Cloud and incandescent illumination   





  1. Wow, not that IS art… It’s so beautiful, creative and imaginative, I wish I could stand under it myself!!

  2. Me too, Andrea! Standing under that many lightbulbs is bound to spark an idea or two 😉 For the sake of creativity I say, go ahead and rain on my parade, cloud!

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