These are visual narratives of a fictional family photo album.

Alyson Fox

If I were to create a Family photo album of October 10, 2012…

…It would house nothing but the most colorful and raw imagery. Bryanna and I showed our striking likenesses tonight. As cousins. As friends. As women of the same age and ailments. We stuffed our senses with Cajun Salmon and the burning wicks of scented candles. We soaked our cheeks with salt and our minds with perspective.

…It would guard sketches of bell peppers and hummus, dark chocolate, and a single mason jar. An air tight vault serving no more a purpose than to hold our secrets safe.

Tonight, Bryanna and I wrote down what’s been on our minds. Cursive, print, bullet points, gobbledigook, didn’t matter. We just wrote to the sounds of David Ramirez in a boundless stream of consciousness and sealed up our valuables only to set them free to the Avila beach sea.

Somewhere, on some shore, our jar will wash up, and the person reading will become part of our family.

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