same same but different

I can’t say for sure if listening to music at work helps or hurts my productivity. Just to be safe, though, I often  listen to instrumental melodies to avoid damming my streams of consciousness with someone else’s phrases.

Today was one of those instrumental days. A classical day to compliment the first really brisk day of fall. Spotify, bless its digital soul, started me off with Franz Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony No. 8 in B Minor. Beyond feeling the weight of our chaotic world lift off my atrophying shoulders (note to self: work out again), I got tripped up by the melody line. I recognized it but couldn’t place where from. It wasn’t until a rushed lunch at my desk and three Hershey’s kisses later that I realized its closeness to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Ballet Suite Op. 20. After listening to them back to back, I admired the likenesses between the two pieces, but came to the realization that their only similarities lie in how they embody the timelessness of their respective composers. That they are designs crafted with different intents, forms, and functions – both, however, worth a listen or twelve.

And then a surge of luck while surfing the interwebs led me to photographer Maja Daniels and her series, Monette & Mady. It is admittedly more difficult to uncover disparities between Parisian twins, but possible nonetheless. Read up on these two saucy subjects and take a look; even the most identical cells can construct different structures.



  1. I am listening to classical music more and more – I started listening to it, because I also wanted no distracting lyrics and found that I actually know a lot more of the melodies than I thought 🙂 I actually choose to listen to it now over pop music when I just need something in the background.

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