Two Things

It’s nights like these where I question the motives behind curiosity. Are they pure? Are they genuine? Striped with maliciousness or judgement?

At a local cafe, a peevishly affectionate couple slouching with their legs and lips intertwined sit on my left, while a starry-eyed pair with nervous smiles and glistening palms take stage right.

And I’m sitting here between the two, desperately trying to keep my darting eyes discrete. Calmly drinking my second choice of tea, wearing my brown cardigan, camouflaging with the aging leather sofa that supports my languid Sunday body, I craft their stories in my head. Happily observing their realities with curious eyes and ears while I dream up their elaborate backstories.

It’s entirely possible that these two couples have nothing in common but the fact that they are both here, both connected by the manner in which they spend Sunday, November 11, 2012.

To mirror that theme, here are two things that have arrested my attention tonight independent of each other – two things with nothing in common but the time they occupied my curiosity on this chilly November night.

1. (A select few of) The Best Pictures Of the Week: November 2-9, as declared by TIME


2. Sarah Graham’s Botanical Works.

 I’m driven to strong, natural forms, in particular the curve and the arch, and to the energy that’s involved in creating those shapes.

 -Sarah Graham

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