Worth it

The truth of the matter is, there are so many cool people in the world.

Meet Sandra Juto and Johan Pergenius – Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Berlin.

Read their interview and peek into the apartments of other cool cats living happy little lives all over the world. Godspeed and good luck not spiraling into a time suck of cyber gawking. I may or may not have just lost an entire dog year to this website.

Juto&Pergenius3  Juto Pergenius 2 Juto PergeniusJuto&Pergenius Juto&Pergenius11 Juto&Pergenius10Juto Pergenius 3Juto Pergenius 4 Juto&Pergenius9 Juto&Pergenius8 Juto&Pergenius7 Juto&Pergenius6 Juto&Pergenius5 Juto&Pergenius4 Juto&Pergenius12 Juto&Pergenius2

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