Got a second or 17?

Behold the Fastest Possible Drawings of Everything.

fastest possible 9

18 seconds

fastest possible 8

8 seconds

fastest possible 7

15.4 seconds

fastest possible 6

32.7 seconds

fastest possible 5

9.6 seconds

fastest possible 4

12.4 secondsfastest possible 3

Average 5.2 seconds

fastest possible 2

6.7 seconds

fastest possible 1

22 seconds


This is a game we play. We’ll each write a noun onto the back of a card and hand it over, starting the clock once the card is flipped. With few exceptions, we don’t know what the object will be, and we often don’t know how to draw the thing well once it’s revealed. Some of the results are horrifying; the less-horrifying things show up here. We highly recommend this game.

Rules of the Game:

  1. We are not artists.
  2. The point is not to be pretty. The point is to get the point across.
  3. This is fun. 
  4. We want to draw as much stuff as possible. 
  5. We have these things littered around everywhere. 
  6. Not everybody knows how to draw, but everybody should try

I love this idea like I love the feel of fresh sheets and ginger pear tea. My roommate and I are all set to incorporate this brain game into our next get together. Which just so happens to be scheduled for Saturday. Expect greatness.


1 Comment

  1. hehe, this looks like loads of fun, might have to try this next time we’re getting together with my friends 🙂

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