Well that was weird


Kick it old school for a second with me, and think back to the first time you watched Toy Story. Remember the complex that followed? How you’d tip toe down the hallway and sneak up on your stuffed animals, trying to catch them in the act of being alive? Or peer through a cracked door in hopes of finding your figurines forming a conga line or lighting mini cigars around a pocket-sized poker table? To your baffled dismay, though, they were always where you left them. Lifeless.

I have absolutely no idea where I was going with this.

Honesty Oddity policy: I originally set out to tell you about weird things that happened today.

Starting with the guy at the gym who literally locked eyes with himself as he held a dead lift position for roughly two minutes. Knees bent, fingers wiggling energetically through the air, back-end making its presence known, the dude had form. He was just missing function, as he stood atop a stretching mat with no weights, bars, or dead-lifting paraphernalia in sight. I wonder if felt me staring.

Ending with this post.

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