I consider myself a hopeless romantic for two reasons: 1. Tom Hanks 2. Meg Ryan.

They just knew how to make rom coms in the 90s.

K, glad that’s out there. The two real reasons: my unapologetic crush on 1. sappy love stories 2. Chopin’s Nocturnes. I’ve been a Nocturne girl all my life, until one fateful day in November when I set a goal for myself to learn Prelude in C# Minor by Rachmaninoff. To answer your question, yes, it felt a bit like adultery to flail my loyalty so, but for the sake of accomplishing a goal, I did just that.

I openly and proudly give you an imperfect 5 minutes and some odd seconds of what I have spent the last 5 months learning, unlearning, relearning, forgetting, remembering, and loving. It is full of unplanned pauses, abrupt tempo changes, missed keys and ‘whoops’ notes. I considered recording it again, when I was happy with the result, one that didn’t resemble such a work in progress state. And then I realized, life is beautiful because of its snags–so may you see them all in happy wonderment.

(sidenote: I hired my main lady love to turn the pages for me. This role was a complete shock to her senses, as momma dearest is not only completely sheet music illiterate, but also swimming in a sea of pain meds for her recent knee replacement. You’ll hear us laugh after I mess up from a premature page turn. I love her.)

And for my next goal…

Get more Sleep

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