Dear Dad


Dear Dad,

Remember when …

you’d buckle my church shoes for me?

you’d reach your hand to the back seat for low fives when I made a funny?

we made blueberry pancakes?

we played Scattergories? Watched Star Wars?

we sang Oh Come All Ye Faithful in the car in opera voices?

…and didn’t care that it was mid-March?

you shaved your mustache for the Y2K and I thought you looked like an alien?

you’d make me a turkey and cheese sandwich every single day for lunch?

you won the Chile cook-off that one year? You were such an underdog.

Remember how …

cold my hands felt in yours?

good mom’s cooking was?

terrible I was at driving your truck?

you taught me to ski?

… and all those state capitals?

… or is it capitols?

… and the difference between ROM and RAM



When my dad died one year ago, I looked to this day as a dark and distant threat. Now that it’s here, I’ve got a heavy heart and heavier tears, but I’m grateful for all our memories.





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