Sam, Sarah and Jack

My friend Sam’s been growing out his beard and I’m convinced he’s hiding wisdom in there.

Last night I took a looksy at the full moon, and a looksy down at my lazy self before calling one of my oldest friends to take a night hike with me. There was a splatter of residual laundry powder hanging to my sleeve from the load I’d just put in. Sheets. 

When he showed up on my doorstep, singing a tune to my porch light and wiggling to the beat the way he does, we picked our peak right then and there. Bishops. Not too far, not too easy or hard, short or long.

It met the Goldilocks principle, so we met it with high-quality footwear: his Merrell’s, mine Salomon’s. And we talked about normal things, you know, work and friends and honesty and goals and songwriting and lentils and biking and Thanksgiving plans. Occasionally, we’d take breathers along a switchback. The fields below grew motionlessly, the lights winked with secrecy. 

Everything is so manageable from up here.

He said it without knowing its impact. And we pressed on, following the trails as they meandered around and up the mountain.

Want to hear one of my favorite quotes? I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.


“Energy creates energy. It is by spending myself that I become rich.” 

Is there a word that combines yeah, woah, mm, love and fascination? If so, it would describe my reaction to that Sarah Bernhardt quote. The idea of spending yourself … being spent…giving everything…becoming currency. It was so wonderfully charging and inspiring, and I thought of it for a long while, long after the echo of his words left the crisp air. I thought about it as I came home to my clean, warm sheets and tucked myself in, airtight. I read a bit of Kerouac to set the tone of my pending slumber and stopped on this sentence and Buddhist quote:

When you get to the top of a mountain, keep climbing.



  1. Hello Nicole! I just came across your blog after reading your carreer shift on the Daily Muse. Loved it! Totally related since after working 5 years with Master Card I decided to quit and start from scratch. Wasnt sure what my passion was but i knew that banking wasnt it. I now hold a job as a fashion marketer on a retail multinational brand and also deal with the social media. I love my job but I am soo interested in being a copywriter though! My favoriterpart of my job is coming up with the slogans, writings and content for our marketing promotions! Dont know if am any good. I also started my blog together with my sister ! I hope you can give me a piece of advise as to where do I start to become a copywriter?? :))

    • Hi! thanks for reading and reaching out. As for advice — follow the industry and identify work you admire. Then emulate it. Imitate concepts and headlines in your own style until it feels natural and like second nature. And read read read. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to start. Keep in touch!

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