It’s Fashion. It’s Art. It’s a new pairing.

I read nearly everything Maria Popova puts out like it’s digestible gold. Today, she posted about these extraordinary rare book selections from the American Museum of National History Library, and these particular drawings really tickled me with their richness. So much so that I paired them with clothes I wish I had money enough to buy. Someday my closet will hold more than Target’s luxury line and boyfriend jeans. $omeday.

Fashion Art Fashion Art Fashion Art

Fashion Art Fashion Art



Like any respectable woman of ample appetite and ampler wardrobe, I hold both my kitchen and closet in high esteem. And to offer them even more of my already limited attention, I’m making these mash ups — recipes I want to try paired with clothes I’d very much like to buy. What do you think?

1. grilled soft cheese, thyme honey and fresh figs

Eating Wear

2. lemon oat bourbon cake donuts 

Eating Wear

3. roasted strawberry and toasted coconut popsicles 

Eating Wear

4. sakura macarons

Eating Wear

5. sizzling prawns with garlic, chilli and lime

Eating Wear

sweatpants syndrome

My will to dress myself properly has been slumping hard lately.

Signs that I need a wardrobe retrofit:

  • I spend at least three consecutive mornings convincing myself that showering is a complete and utter waste of time and that I’m better suited trying to resume my reoccurring dream that involves me racing Jon Bon Jovi and Winston Churchill in a 200 meter Olympic Backstroke
  • I unapologetically wear the same exact outfit two days in a row. To work.

Oh, The Shiny Squirrel, if only your showroom lived in my bedroom.

ShinySquirrel shinysquirrel8 shinysquirrel7 shinysquirrel6 shinysquirrel5 shinysquirrel3 shinysquirrel2

Getting Up

This morning, somewhere between hitting the snooze button for the eighth and ninth time, I began to believe I would never make it out of bed. I sunk deeper beneath the sheets; wrapping my legs tightly around each other I touched cold toes to warm calf. Then switched.

I visualized myself playing hooky, and embracing a Day in the Life of my pillow. After all, from its perspective there lies no adversity, no conflict, no turmoil – only a heavy head expecting nothing but silent comfort.

I got up, though. I went to work, ate a fine meal, hewed to my mother’s thrifting ways and got a helluva (is that you, Holden Caulfield?) discount on a Banana Republic necklace, sang some Russian, played some Russian, and vanquished the frenetic mold that ever so rudely invited itself into my apartment. I lived my Monday. I am alive.

The theme below still applies, especially with Anna Palma’s brilliant photographs as visual support.

Anna Palma_1

Anna Palma_3 Anna Palma

Anna Palma 3

Anna Palma2

Anna Palma 5  Anna Palma 4  Anna Palma 6 Anna Palma 7 Anna Palma_2

And a couple to tout something other than the tots. Man, she’s good.

Anna Palma_woman Anna Palma_women

Cate Parr




Leaping lizards, Cate Parr sure knows a thing or twenty about water coloring.









and what’s this? The same Greta pose, in watercolor? Serendipity is real.

Who’s laughing now

San Luis Obispo has a funny way of participating in the summer season. Luckily, we share a humor founded in an aversion to hot weather.

There is no greater sensation than waking up to overcast skies, leaping from carpet to kitchen rug only to avoid the hot lava that is the cool linoleum. But when the fog finally fades, the sky expresses its happiness in the bluest of hues, and suddenly I am left wearing just one of the original six layers I put on in a cold morning flurry. It is sheer brilliance, the way this town keeps us all guessing.

May I just say, in preparation for the 4th of July –God bless (the central coasts of) America.


Naaz and Raaz

Naazak and Raaz and I have a bit of a history. It involves high school choir, traveling to Russia, Finland, and Sweden, as well as associating with guys who played the Sitar and burned incense like Vin Diesel does rubber. We grew up blocks from each other amid the sleepy Danville hills — I grew to be  a 5’6” dabbler, and they grew to be 5’2” fashionistas taking over the world one staple necklace at a time.

at least it’s not swine flu.

I’ve got enough pressure in my sinus to fly a 747 to Paris, where, coincidentally, this 23-year-old named Audrey runs around in clothes like these on an average Tuesday. If I sound envious, I assure you it’s the Sudafed talking.

May we all incorporate a little more sass-a-frass into our next French inspired (out)Fit.

sup, girl crush. Now, excuse me while I drink my weight in electrolytes and exchange pajamas for sweats over the next 24-36 hours.

Need Supply Co.

Why have I not seen the Spring 2012 lookbook from Need Supply Co. sooner? I would drink beer out of a shoe to have this Zach Galifianakis look-alike follow me around all day – whistle in tow.