I’m Nicole. I’m a joy scout who actively seeks out silver linings, kind people and new things.

I rest my head and my pens in San Luis Obispo, CA–though lately, I travel like a Roomba.

I’m big on simple jewelry, tickling the ivories, baking sweets with savory ingredients and running races on every continent.

Join me on this wavy journey, or drop me a line at nvarvits [at] gmail [dot] com to say hey.


Joy Scouting


  1. I love the way you write. It’s extremely captivating and entertaining I can hear your voice through your words.

  2. Hi Nicole, this is Christina Ferrero. Ever since I saw your blog, I thought it would be awesome to make my own blog! So my mom has helped me make my own blog about blind taste testing. I am very grateful to you! Love, Christina

  3. You honey trip blog is amazing. I love your choice of words in your blogs. I heard about you through Rachel Kahn in Danville (her mom and I go wayyyy back to high school), and now I read every post you write. I grew up on the same road as the honey farm. If you looked up that road (Hess Rd.) at the little white house, my mom still lives there. We are visiting her before we leave in a week to move to Vienna, where we work. Keep on writing! I love it.

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