the stuff we stuff

My roommates and I are always itching to host dinner parties. We’ve got the space for it, the stomachs for it, and enough adorable pastel, patterned and picturesque place settings gathered from various local estate sales over the years (yard sale divas, say wut?!) that it would be irresponsible for us not to share the love.

Last week we made stuffed mushrooms. Last night we made stuffed bell peppers.                               (We also sang Celine Dion ballads with way too much conviction, shared laughed-so-hard-I-peed-my-pants stories, and ate the town clear out of chocolate. Man, I feel like a woman.)

Our spin on a Caprese salad for an appetizer:

stuffed stuff:

As for next week… I’m thinking edamame and toasted coconut inside an avocado will do the trick, don’t you?

Oh now doesn’t that just look good? Joy the Baker, you outdid yourself on this one. Happy Friday, hungry eyes!

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